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Dangerous EP

by Shadows & Mirrors

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Shadows & Mirrors joins WEATNU RECORDS with his debut EP Dangerous.

All of life is about risk. The concept behind the Dangerous EP is what do we allow ourselves to be consumed by? Are carnal instincts healthy? Is there an innate instinct to seek out that which is risky? Do we push the envelope or ride the fence? Every day you answer that question. Each of us has a story. This is one of those stories.


released August 1, 2015

All words and music by Brian Diamond and Shadows & Mirrors
© 2015

Album artwork created by Marcus Lie Johansen




all rights reserved


Shadows & Mirrors Rockford, Illinois

Shadows & Mirrors
A dark synth electronic group currently signed to Nub Country Records (UK) and WEATNU Records (USA)
Debut EP coming 8.1.2015

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Track Name: Christian Woman
You walk the line I live alone inside your empty body
You've had enough but I'm just getting started
I fail to see what point of view you could pose now
On and on all night till the devil can stop me

You take the time to walk away it's how you use your body
You give it up but I'm just getting started
Now come to me, get on your knees, strike a pose now
On and on all night tell heaven to stop me

Don't let me fade away Christian Woman
I've built all my courage from steeples of churches
Don't let me stay the same
I need your permission for every position

You cut the line hang up the phone, you feel the night is coming
I pass the test, take off your dress, you know it's what you wanted
I'd pay to see what you would do with control
I'll play your God tonight, no one has to know
Track Name: Dangerous
So ashamed of what I was, I can't escape the past she says
Listen to her whisper soft, as her lips begin to beg
Now I know I'm not alone, I've got faith and you've got leather
Roll the windows down tonight, as we both go down together

Love like yours is Dangerous
Getting on top promiscuous
Never know when you're gonna fade away
Dressed in black, just in case
Love like yours is Dangerous
Dirty or clean, promiscuous
Never know when you're gonna meet your fate
Save a prayer, just in case

Now I paint the windows black so you can't see what I became
The shades are drawn so don't come back
It's never going to be the same
You were right, I'll give you that, there must me something left to say
Give it up or shut your mouth, the only way to play this game

I'll just wave goodbye
Right when you're looking for the gun
It's just your time to die
Hope you had some fun
When the wheels start coming off
That's when you have to run
No one sees the end coming
When it's just begun
Track Name: Black Sunday
It's 1982 in the back of a club
In New York City with no one to love
Gimme no innocence I'll burn it down
With the look in your eyes making daddy proud
You're never alone when the lights go out

In a room with a view, light a candle
Breaking into the night like a vandal
Painting pictures of a lonely God
It's a Black Sunday, it's a Black Sunday

It's 1989 in the back of a club
Your little white line getting harder to cut
The wicked and infamous will burn you down
In the streets at night when no one's around
You're never alone when the lights go out
Track Name: Judas
I just crashed a car, flee the scene of the crime
Didn't see the driver, his face look like mine?
I haven't seen tomorrow or the past that I remember
So I look in the mirror and it's so fucking clear

He's down in the circle, I think it's number 9
In the frozen lake, up to his neck in ice
I wonder was it worth it, sinner met his fate
I guess every man does in his own way

Kiss me for your silver son
I don't have a dream to be the chosen one
If you ever turn your back
I'll bring down the stars among the Zodiac

Saw the rain cloud coming thought it'd take my pain away
All it did was tell a sad sad story
Prayed to God to come down said he'd take my pain away
All he did was read a long long story

So the story goes I'm not a man who's disposed
I'm not the only one who ever noticed
If Jesus wrote this rhyme I'd ask him for the wine
And if he ever got revenge on Judas
Track Name: Nighttime Eyes
It's getting dark sun's going down can't find my way lost in this town
And as the night ticks slowly by I see my prey you are mine
I like control don't make a move I see the shadows on the moon
This shade of winter never ends once a stranger now a friend

I'm feeling fine how bout you this isn't love it's something new
To play the part a victim's game I take a taste you turn away
Now listen close no one in sight I fill your void night after night
Is this a game you like to play I break the rules that you obey

Put on your Nighttime Eyes
I'm running through your veins
Scared of what you'll find
You won't be the same

It's getting late somewhat confused I'm just a stranger with a view
Lights going out must be last call I push you up against the wall
Now take your time turn around shut your mouth don't make a sound
Is this a game you like to play I break the rules that you obey

Have I lost my faith in you again
Have I lost my pride in you my friend
Have I lost everything
Am I a man too scarred to clean
Now you say
I don't care about you
Track Name: Criminal Smile
I don't know where the bottom goes
In the streets at night where no one's home
Yeah you're looking so tired and you're looking so weak
Let's tear down the walls while the city sleeps

I don't care what your Daddy says
Pull your hair down, jet black lips to bed
Yeah you're feeling so wired and you're looking so high
It's pretty when you paint it with a criminal smile

Time to say goodnight goodnight my darling
I don't wanna ask you one more time
I don't wanna say you're nothing special
Bought a bitch like you as a perfect crime

Say goodnight when you take it away
Sitting all alone with nothing to say
I don't wanna be your second best
All or nothing, fuck the rest