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'Judas' is of course built upon the betrayal concept. It is synonymous with the word. The idea behind this track is what would happen if Jesus could get revenge on Judas in the end...the notion of an all-forgiving God is a convenient one, but what if that's all just a story to convey an archetype and instead Jesus gets his revenge upon Judas?


I just crashed a car, flee the scene of the crime
Didn't see the driver, his face look like mine?
I haven't seen tomorrow or the past that I remember
So I look in the mirror and it's so fucking clear

He's down in the circle, I think it's number 9
In the frozen lake, up to his neck in ice
I wonder was it worth it, sinner met his fate
I guess every man does in his own way

Kiss me for your silver son
I don't have a dream to be the chosen one
If you ever turn your back
I'll bring down the stars among the Zodiac

Saw the rain cloud coming thought it'd take my pain away
All it did was tell a sad sad story
Prayed to God to come down said he'd take my pain away
All he did was read a long long story

So the story goes I'm not a man who's disposed
I'm not the only one who ever noticed
If Jesus wrote this rhyme I'd ask him for the wine
And if he ever got revenge on Judas


from Dangerous EP, track released July 2, 2015
All words and music by Brian Diamond and Shadows & Mirrors



all rights reserved


Shadows & Mirrors Rockford, Illinois

Shadows & Mirrors
A dark synth electronic group currently signed to Nub Country Records (UK) and WEATNU Records (USA)
Debut EP coming 8.1.2015

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